~*~Electronic Mail to the Admins~*~

From: Wizard Lonely lonelywizard420@gmail.com
Date: Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 1:24 PM
Subject: Fellow Wizard of the Electronic Wastes
To: wizardseekingwizard@gmail.com

Hail Traveler,

I am a fellow wizard and stumbled upon your web page. It was quite enjoyable fun, I especially enjoyed the depictions of haunted objects, and the accursed and blasphemously horny fire wizard Ishum. I must ask you though, AT ONCE, to cease your characterizations of Myrlynius.

Whether by circumstance or, even more dreadfully, parody, the aforementioned wizard bears too many striking resemblances to myself and I am vexed constantly by comparisons and accusatory glances or snide remarks from my peers (accursed Thelma thinks she is funnier than a newly minted pyromage with her 'jests').

Please cease this at once or I will be forced through dream magicks to steal the very idea from your mind. This can at times also inhibit or hurt other functions of the mind, so be warned, and do not delay, as I ask you to remove this at THE VERY INSTANT of your trading this.

Attached is a photo of myself preparing the inbibements for such a magicks. You have been warned author funny words! Thank you and farewell, for now.

Magical Blessings, Morlinius the Wise