WANTED: divine or messianic flesh and/or blood

I’m a 19th year transubstantiation student and I’m preparing for my thesis, wherein I will transform divine or messianic flesh and blood to common bread and grape juice, and back again. This is my final remaining trial before attaining the ultimate 𐌈 rank in the Princeton Alchemical Priesthood. The act itself is well within my capabilities of course, but as you might expect, the ingredients necessary are pretty hard to come by. I am looking to borrow OR purchase these materials, whichever you're open to. In exchange, I can offer many different transubstantiative services (base metal to gold, old clothing to new, etc….) if you’re open to an arrangement like that. If you’re located outside Mercer County NJ I would compensate you for shipping or translocation. Inside Mercer County I can pick up :)