Do NOT remove this man's curse! He is my boyfriend and I WILL admit to placing upon him the Curse of Swap Penis and Anus but everything else he has said is UNTRUE. He IS a Magickal Practitioner; I would NEVER curse a mundie! He's just not very good and he's looking for an easy out from the curse, for which I ARTICULATED a BUILT-IN LIFT CLAUSE.

A few months ago my boyfriend came to be interested in the process of creating Astral Children to facilitate his paid work. (I'm sure you can see where this is going....) Of course I was supportive and as an astral doula I had guided the process many times so I felt qualified to birth them for him as long as he promised to care for them. I thought it would be a good exercise to encourage responsibility and good habits that might prepare him for when we decide to have mortal children.

I thought wrong, of course, and after the first month the novelty wore off and he can't be bothered to stop orbwatching and get off his ass for fifteen minutes in the evening to raise the energy to feed the twelve Astral Children I BIRTHED FOR HIM. They're STARVING and they cry in my dreams Every. Single. Night. I have not known peace. So I performed the Curse of Swap Penis and Anus to make it less comfortable for him to be sitting around doing nothing, and the curse will lift on its own as soon as the children are fed well enough to mature.

I know this story is old as time and I should have known better than to get into this kind of commitment but PLEASE do not intervene I haven't gotten restful sleep in WEEKS.