SUBJECT: RE:"Incredibly Powerful Wizard..."

if you fall for this you deserve what's coming to you lmao if this guy is legit and can prove it to me I will turn my own fingers into mice at next year's Gather for everyone's amusement."""MYRLYNIUS the AUGUST""" okay... Cinncinnati though? BEST case scenario he's some loser mundie chaser. Worst case you get robbed. middle of the road case scenario is you get strung along for ages and this guy flakes every time you plan to meet and some dull evening ten years from now by chance I'll stumble across your episode of Catfish on the orb. and it will have been so incredibly obvious that the whole thing was always fake that the hot gray haired guy will tell you that you deserved it.

not leaving an email because you already know how to find me and if you don't I don't want to hear from you.

yours in absolute scorn and derision, Wrathmont