Seeking Replacement Devotee for Goddess of War

I'm just gonna come out and say it: I got myself in too deep. I got myself involved and devoted to a powerful war goddess whose name I will not risk invoking here. At the time I was thinking in a more Jungian/New Age metaphorical sense about the concept of war, and a war goddess, and what that would mean for my career in the finance sector. So I was thinking she would be like, helping me to achieve career and financial victory in my investments.

Yeah, I get it. Hahahaha this guy signed his life away to a bloodthirsty otherworldly power thinking it would help his white collar job. I'd probably even laugh along if it wasn't happening to me. She's tanked my career. If you check major recent shocks to certain funds and stocks you'll find that they correllate 1-1 with whether I invested in them. The district my tower is located in has been rezoned for industrial use which will release toxins that will crush my magickal productivity. She does not want any sacrifices I have to offer. The only thing that will satisfy her is blood spilled in battle, preferably hand-to hand. Obviously I cannot provide this.

She is also unsatisfied with me. She's willing to release me from my oaths if and only if I find her another devotee. This is where you come in. Are you possibly a hitman? An active duty soldier? A Somali pirate looking to protect your waters? Maybe you're the revolutionary sort. Please contact me about the opportunity of a lifetime. A position with an insatiable and powerful bloodthirsty war goddess. I'm begging you.