ISO carpet technician; magic carpet will not remain grounded while not in use

Okay so here’s the deal: my familiar got into my stock of baneful herbs (I know…..) and fortunately none of them were TOO baneful. Great news, right? Well yes except she’s really fast and was zipping around my lair getting sick Poltergeist-style and it was of a nature before unseen on this plane. I’ve been practicing flexing my third eye to perceive colors typically only visible to invertebrates and this practice revealed things in the mess that cause me incredible dread and anguish to this day. I should mention my familiar is alright now. She scraped some of her wings and at some point burned a few of her hands on a hot cauldron she skittered over but she’s healed up just fine.

The problem is as follows. She got sick on my flying carpet, and ever since it’s floated up against the ceiling and just kind of hangs out there like a balloon against a grocery store ceiling. It’s still usable I mean once I sit on it it will go where I want to go, it’s just that it’s incredibly difficult to actually mount it. I need a ladder and I need to kind of squeeze into the space between the carpet and the ceiling and I don’t know if this is common knowledge but 500,000 people are treated for ladder injuries every year and the vast majority of the injuries happen at home. It’s dangerous. I’m looking for a mechanic who specializes in foreign carpets to check it out and get it back on the floor.